It’s me Adeela, a Fully Qualified Beauty Therapist from London. I have always been interested in beauty, be that nails, hair, make-up or skincare… let’s just say anything body related. My main interest was being able to help others feel good about themselves, so i decided to study Beauty Therapy so that i could deliver this on a day to day basis. Knowing i was part of someone’s smile, or feel good for an hour in their day, was and still is everything to me.

I’ve always wanted to start my own Blog and Youtube Channel, to share my voice and opinions on all of my inner obsessions, but life’s antics have always swayed me into a different direction – as it does, haha. My journey finally began in 2015 but quickly hit a pause button in 2016 due to that thing called life. Nevertheless, I’m very excited to have you guys come along with me.

My blog will feature little reviews and opinions of beauty products i personally love. Trialing new potentials or dislikes, personal fashion, beauty how to’s or simply sharing what i ate for lunch with you? MmM :).

My blog will be a personal one and I have a huge crush for photography and imagery so there’s no doubt you’ll get to see things from my lens perspective.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy writing it!

x Adeela x

 P.S. I also upload videos like make-up tutorials and all that good stuff on my YouTube Channel so feel free to check those out too.