Exciting New Work Schedule

I want to find another way to greet you all but without saying hello or my favourite and usual ‘Hiya’.

Ok, so firstly if you have not read my Absence post you may want to head over there first for this post to make more sense to you.

We’re talking about my new work schedule as i know a few of you like to know specifics, well what I’m going to say is; Free Flow!

I’m not going to sit here and say I’m going to have 3 posts a week, on these days and at these selected times because instantly pressure likes to show its ugly face.

So let’s gain quick understanding, I’ll post at least once a week. When? I don’t know, let’s keep things a little spontaneous. Best thing to do? Subscribe and those posts will ping straight into your inbox, that way It’s one less thing for you to mentally remember.

Let’s see how we get on!