Good people, i literally don’t even know where to start with this one, but i simply wanted to take a minute to explain myself and my absence.

Growing up the most valuable lesson i have learnt is that balance is key, without balance, of course, you naturally become unbalanced. Now, where am i going with this?

Being a wife to a charming husband, a mother to three wonderful children, an analytic to myself and an adult to life with a ton of responsibilities, i simply couldn’t keep up. I’ll be honest, doing everything i do on a daily basis as well as adding my blog and YouTube on top of that started to get a little bit hectic and slowly things started to give. Now I’m only human and i only had 100% to divide and I had to prioritise where each percent needed to go meaning that my attention to balance decreased in some areas. My career passions started to take over every other aspect of my life and i became unbalanced.

I struggle with a common problem called go hard or go home and it honestly did start to affect me; I would become very irritable and quite truthfully unpleasant company to be around, until one evening i had to look in the mirror and tell myself; Adeela, this is not working very well.

I decided to put my blog and YouTube ambitions on hold as I clearly needed to self-reflect. In that time a lot has taken place, however, I now feel i am more grounded to begin again. I have found a new strategy and placement for each element in my life and all of a sudden this has all become exciting again.

I at the minute will only get my blog back online, which by the way in case you haven’t noticed has been refaced! Do let me know your thoughts below!

YouTube? All in due time people, all in due time, because at the end of the day none of us would want this to become stressful. It’s not my job It’s my hobby and hobbies are not meant to be stressful; in fact, quite the opposite.

I know i have only skimmed the surface but i do hope this gives you a bit more clarification as to why Transpire hit hard on the brakes.

Do stay tuned as I’m back on the positive and well-balanced train!

Love Dee x